April 14, 2014

Play Candy Crush Saga Limitless for Free : How to get unlimited lives without paying a penny

Do you have to wait for a new life while playing Candy Crush Saga on Android or iOS?
if yes then now time is to know about the way to get unlimited Lives without waiting for hours to past.
I am giving you a way which is a loophole in Candy Crush Saga, definitely company is soon going to fix it, but it's working very good for me now.

I am playing this game continuously any time i want to play it, but previously i have to send request to my Facebook friends for Lives and to open new level, but after using this trick you will not wait for anyone's response.

Just follow the steps given below:
This trick is for Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets, not for PC or Facebook App.

1. Go to Setting of your Smart phone or Tab.
2. Go to Date & Time.
3. Increase Time by two and a half hours.
4. Restart or Reload your Candy Crush Saga App.
5. Magic : you got all Five Lives Full.

enjoy the game fully.



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