February 26, 2014

Wamp Server BarPicturePicture Directive error that Could not able to load WampServer

Problem : The configuration file contains a syntax error on line 72: [EParseError] Could not load the file "barimage.bmp" specified in the directive "BarPicturePicture"

Solution : If you get this error it means that barimage.bmp file is missing from C:/wamp directory or you have accidentally moved this file in other folder. 
barimage inside C:/wamp directory

So if you can make a search for this file and again move it to C:/wamp directory then its very good.

barimage.bmp (click on it to Download)
If not able to search then download image file from here and put it in C:/wamp directory to resolve this error.


Stephen Hill said...

thanks admin ...... I have been resolve it with your help....

sajesh c jose said...

Thank u very much

Ovidio Hernán Guamá said...

Thanks a lot!!

sonali shrivastava said...

Thanks a lot..It helped me


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